Sunday, July 10, 2016

June Trail Camera Photos

We had lots of action in June including this doe and her fawn.

I was pleased to see a handsome buck.

Given the fawns, there had to be a buck or two around!

Coming for a drink of water.

Poor baby is galloping after Mama in every photo.

If you enlarge this photo, you can see that there is a male Black-headed Grosbeak getting a drink of water. 

Everybody needs water.

I think there might be two bucks.

We had a bob-cat in the dark of night.

And a raccoon with a couple of little ones.

Follow the Leader.

There was also lots of bear activity.

Pretty good photo for 4:30am!

This one was taken at 5:47pm.

As was this one.

Two bears.

Glowing eyes.

I'd hoped that all the bear activity was at the beginning of the month as I've stopped taking in my bird feeders.  But as you can see this was in the afternoon at the end of the month.

Our second trail camera was out for repair for most of the month.

When we got it back, we set it up in the backyard.

And though no one saw him, a buck strolled by. 

There's a bunny in the grass on the left.

Lots of deer as you might expect.

Baby fawn

Fawn and Mama

Doesn't she look protective?

Breakfast time Mama!

So much to see!



Bob-cat in the early afternoon.
Do you think there are two bob-cats and that the nightime one is a larger animal?

Anyway, that's why we do not like Parvati Patel to roam unsupervised!


Margaret said...

I hope you don't have to start taking the feeders down again. Will your fencing yard work take care of that?

Mike Raven said...

Wow, what a selection of animals! Crazy, for me it's unusual to get a bird in my back garden!

deb said...

Wow, you've got just about everything in those shots! And I'd thought we had a goodly amount of wildlife with our bunnies and skunks and groundhogs....

Barb said...

It is so important to protect pets from the natural world. We lost the sweetest cat next door. Poor pet owners as the cat was allowed to roam all night long. Anyway, I love seeing the trail shots. It always surprises me to see how busy the woods are when we are not looking!

Maggee said...

Look how much goes on when we are sleeping! I sure hope you do NOT have two bobcats! They are scary! We saw a bunch of deer when we were birding in TN earlier this year. Hopefully when we go to MD later this month we will see lots of new creations too! Only YOU would spot that Black-headed Grosbeak! Nice shot!

AliceKiss said...

Как всегда поражает и восхищает! Спасибо что делитесь такой удивительной красотой)

Chris said...

Amazing pics!!!
The last bobcat one is amazing. I love these posts.