Monday, October 20, 2014

Birds Abound

Design - "Whoo"
Chart - "Hocus Pocus"
Designer - The Prairie Schooler
Fabric - 32 count Lambswool linen
Fibers - DMC - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 14 October 2014
Completed - 16 October 2014

I've fallen asleep listening to the owls the past few nights, so this is an appropriate seasonal stitch!

Besides the owls...

The darned Starlings are back and at my peanut feeders.
The Acorn Woodpeckers drive them away thank goodness!  

It's almost time for the Turkey Vultures to head off to South America.

We watched a bird documentary the other day and it is amazing to think that soon these same birds will be cavorting with Andean Condors in Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru. 

I keep hoping that a Hairy Woodpecker or two will try out my bird feeders, but so far I've not had any takers.
On a walk the other day I spied a tiny Brown Creeper eating insects as it inched its way up a tree, then flitted down a few feet only to start the climb up once again.

The House Finches have been absent for a while, so I was pleased to see this handsome fellow.

I continue to have lots of Goldfinches.  In past years they've disappeared before November's end.  It will be interesting to see if they chose to stick around this year. 

And my flock of little Bushtits has returned.  I heard their high-pitched chatter and found them easily enough.  Last winter they ate suet fairly regularly, I am hoping once the weather turns that they become repeat customers.

And now for a Solomon-cat update.

First off thanks to everyone human and furry who sent good wishes.  Solomon is making the smallest of strides.  His temperature has come down, and with re-hydration, 3 kinds of antibotics, vitamin B12, and cortisone he is eating once again and is more alert.  He was at the vet Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and will return on Monday and Tuesday for more shots and a report on the DNA analysis of his mouth ulcers.  He has been one very sick kitty cat.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Still Humming Along

These Hummingbird photos were taken at the beginning of October, and for some reason I never got around to sharing them.

There is a female Anna's Hummingbird... 

...who has taken to perching on the dried stalks of Oriental Lilies. 

They make a great lookout...

...allowing her to survey the Mudroom Flowerbed.

The Agastache behind her is still in bloom... are several of the Salvias.

So she has lots of nectar to guard and protect. 

I see her first thing in the morning and at dusk.
I'm beginning to wonder if she spends the night here.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Feline in the Fountain

It's not just the birds who use our fountain.

Earlier this week Solomon decided to check it out.

Being a cat, he tip-toed around the edge...

...smelled the water.

And then decided the small pool atop the fountain...

...was worth a closer look. 

And it turned out to be the perfect Cat Drinking Fountain.

UPDATE: Our Solomon has been battling poor health for a year and a half now.  On Thursday afternoon he took a turn for the worst.  After a visit to the vet, we are on hold this weekend to see if massive doses of antibotics provide any sort of relief. Based on the outcome, we may well have a very difficult decision to make.  

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Fitting Friday Finish

Design - "Nest"
Designer - Ewe & Eye and Friends
Fabric - 32 count Pearled Barley linen
Fibers - Anchor - 1 strand over 2 threads
Started - 7 August 2011
Completed - 14 August 2011

Framed - October 2014

This is a small piece. Including the frame it measures 6" x 7". The frame picks up the hues in the word 'nest'. I very much like the tiny beading around the rim of the frame. For the first time ever I had something framed without glass. I must confess that it looks rather naked to me.

I wonder what Parvati thinks of my newest framed piece.

I would think the Mourning Dove approves anyway.

Just so you don't think that the Acorn Woodpeckers are the only birds using my front set of feeders, here's proof the Steller's Jays like the new setup as well.  

The Scrub Jays too are most content.

They perch in the small maple and wait for the Acorn Woodpeckers to leave.

Speaking of Acorns... 

I am now often seeing a pair at the same feeder. They are communal birds and do not squabble like the jays do.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Owls and Acorns

This Prairie Schooler chart, "Hocus Pocus", has three owls and I am thinking I might just stitch all three. I am starting with the one in the upper left corner.

Earlier this week I counted Acorn Woodpeckers.  But I no longer remember if I counted 5 birds or 6 birds.  My sister says I told her 6 birds, so that's what we will go with - the group officially has six birds!

Of the six, my favorite is Junior. 

He's the baby who fledged this summer. 

The top of his head is a very bright red with bits of black flecks near his eyes.

He still is shorter and fatter than the true 'adult' Acorn Woodpeckers.

And he is a bit awkward yet.

Some days he looks like he awoke with a bad case of 'Bed Head' - his red feathers appearing stiff and spiky.

He has lots to say and all of his conversations are in a loud Outside Voice.

I wonder if I'll still be able to tell him apart come next summer.

With our recent rains came the clouds and we were amply rewarded with a pretty sunset.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Scary Finish Disgruntled Cats

Design - "Be Very Scary"
Chart - "Hats Off to Halloween 2"
Fabric - 28 count Amber linen
Fibers - WDW - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 12 October 2014
Completed - 14 October 2014

Love the colors and hey, it has an owl too.

IT's been pouring the last couple of days.
The cats are not pleased!

As it is raining hard, we'll take a Walk Back in Time.
I am hopeful that this Big Leaf Maple will reward me with some autumn color.

Until then I'll make due with the color of the Osier Dogwood.

The Oaks tend to go from green right to dark brown.

We do have a nice crop of rose hips.

And a bit of color from the Vine Maple...

...and the leaves of the Thimbleberry.

Speaking of berries!

A bit of color on the Ash trees.

And look at the pretty copper leaves of the Poison Oak! 

We do have a good crop of Snowberries...

and for the first time that I can remember, someone who is interested in eating the berries!

You go California Ground Squirrel!