Sunday, June 26, 2016

Everyone Else

No bunnies in this post!

I have a small snake basking in the mudroom flowerbed.

The doe and her fawn came for a short visit.

They stay very close together.

Pretty adorable.

For some reason, the chipmunks are terribly under-represented this week.  

I only have a couple of photos to share.

And here is the snake that resides in my sister's kitchen garden.  She emitted a startled shriek this afternoon when they crossed paths.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Bunches of Bathing Bunnies


It's truly ridiculous how many bunnies we have now - including baby bunnies like this one.

Mostly I now see multiple bunnies.

As in more than one...

...sometimes as many as three.

They do play with one another and that is adorable.

They chase each other and hop over one another.

Cute, yeah.

But then we have the Dumb Bunnies.
Hopping right up on the back patio where the cats reside?
Not a good move.

Parvati has been watching bunnies most mornings (with me watching her).

This was a very clever bunny.
He hopped up on a stump.

Then he  s t r e t c h e d  up and grabbed a blade of grass, bringing down the seed head... 

...which he proceeded to munch.

Here's a bunny having a dust bath.


Nothing better.

Here's another one.


Dashing off! 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Great Bird, Greater Bird, Greatest Bird

I am working right along on "Bee Happy".  I think I will be able to share a finish with you next week.

When I'm not stitching, I am outside gardening or reading and watching birds.
This past week I've had a couple of New Birds. 

First up, a female Yellow Warbler.

She is a bit larger than the American Goldfinches.

The male is much more brightly colored.

I think she is rather sweet.

Then last Friday, this bird's singing caught my attention and I found it!

It flew in closer to my Big Birdfeeder.

It took some doing, but I figured out that it is a first year male Bullock's Oriole.

A new-to-me bird and a new yard bird!
While they eat insects and fruit and nectar, this one was checking out my feeders.


The black throat and black line through the eye helped to ID the bird.

And oh, how it sang! You can listen to it's Typical Voice here.

The bird is supposed to like cottonwoods along side streams which we certainly have.

It was rather thrilling to see this bird.

And here was my final surprise.  
Yesterday a mature male Bullock's Oriole flew in for just long enough for me to snap off one good photo.  You can see that he has a black back and black atop his head as well as the black throat and eye line.  He is far more orange-yellow than the younger male bird.  Pretty exciting.  I am now wondering if there might be a nest down near the creek.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Woodpecker Whimsey

When I'm coming down the home-stretch on a project, my immediate impulse is to kit up my next stitch.  Here it is - a Lizzie Kate "Double Flip" for May and June.  I'll be stitching June.

I've had a full compliment of woodpeckers this past week.
Let's start with the largest.

While this bird has flown in a couple of times, I've only managed to get one photo of a Pileated Woodpecker.

The Red-shafted Northern Flickers are better at posing for me.

Here's a pretty female.

And a male with the red mustache.

Here you can also see the white patch of feathers on the rear of the bird.
It is readily apparent when they fly away.

Not a great photo, but I think this may have been a parent and a youngster. There was a lot of talking and posturing.

Here's the male Acorn Woodpecker.

And here's the female.  I was very glad to see her.  I think it has been well over a week since my last sighting.
Bright and early the past three mornings I've watched a Red-breasted Sapsucker working on this snag.

He hasn't said a word, but just quietly taps away.

The Acorn Woodpeckers consider this to be their tree, and they run him off.

My special delight this last week has been watching the dads feeding and caring for their sons. 
Ironically, Father's Day Sunday was the last day I observed this behavior.

I was thrilled to see a small Downy Woodpecker.

Better still the young male came to the back feeders.

And here is my second father/son duo - this time Downy Woodpeckers.
Smaller birds with shorter bills.

"Eat up son!"