Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Little Stitch Little Birds

Back to the archives I go!

Design - "A Halloween Year - August - Spooky"
Designer - Homespun Elegance
Fabric - 30 count WDW Putty linen
Fibers - WDW & GAST - 2 strands over two threads 
Started - 5 October 2011
Completed - 5 October 2011

Some of my best birding is with the smaller birds.

I was really pleased to see a White-throated Sparrow in the front.
I'll keep watch to see if he is a 'regular'.

My suet cylinder called in a Fox Sparrow. 

I counted five Monday morning.

It's hard to top a Black-capped Chickadee.

They pose as well as professional models. 

Straight on

Side view

This is my favorite - love the autumn colors.

Monday, October 22, 2018

I'm Still in a Slump

I'm still in a stitching slump, so back to the archives we go.

Design - "Halloween Pin Garden" (kit)
Designer - Raise the Roof
Fabric - 32 count Summer Khaki Lugana
Fibers - Au Ver a Soie
Started - 22 October 2010
Completed - 24 October 2010

This kit came with a frame, so instant finish = instant gratification!

Not only have I not been stitching, I've not been outside with my birds, so I have only two photos to share today.

I still have lots of American Goldfinches coming to the feeder.

They are about impossible to see in the Big Leaf Maples that still have their large yellow leaves.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Sunday's Hummers

In the early morning light there is just a touch of color.

Later in the day, the bird glows...

...unless he doesn't.

And back to some color.

A female and male Anna's.

She's perched, he's drinking...

...and waiting.

Here's another male - more colorful than the one above.

Coming in for a landing.

Dipping for a drink...

and buzzing in once again.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Saturday's Critters

We continue to have lovely sunny days.

Even the big old bumble bees are happy.

The chipmunks coming running for food in 'their' bowl.

Though they do not like to share.

I've had up to five at the woodpile.

They each have their own spot to eat.

Look at this guy's dainty little paws.

And his fat cheeks.

This one looks sleepy to me.

The bunnies are staying close to the brush and safety.

I've shared this photo before of the two button buck brothers.

They were nuzzling one another.

Like many twins, they seem to be a unit. 

Friday, October 19, 2018

Friday's Framed Finish

Design - "For Forty Days and Forty Nights"
Chart - "Noah's Guardian Angel"
Designer - Curtis Boehringer
Fabric - 28 count Putty linen
Fibers - DMC - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 17 August 2015
Completed - 18 August 2015

  The chart had no photos and is in black and white. so gave no clue as to the look of the finished design. It still calls to me, so time to get it framed.

Framed September 2018

Three years later, I still loved, loved, loved this design!  It was fun to stitch and have it the rainbow revealed. I think the frame works very well.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Smiling Faces

I thought it would be nice to show off a seasonal stitch - and since I still have nothing going on, here's an oldie from 1998.

Designer - Bent Creek
Chart - Yikes
Fabric - 11" x 9" Champagne linen
Started - 2 December 1998
Completed - 10 December 1998

I like all the smiling faces - nothing frightening there!

On my Wednesday walk, I had a bird or two pop in.

The walk began with the discovery of several very large gray feathers by the Quarry Pond.  I imagine they belong to a raptor of some sort.

No surprise to have a Song Sparrow show up.

But here - do you see the bird in the brush?

Here he is!  A Ruby-crowned Kinglet!
They are a winter bird for me, though not usually a feeder bird.
In severe weather they will sometimes come for suet.

Then a large bird caught my eye as it flew in.
I was thinking hawk, but nope, a male Pileated Woodpecker.

As he never made a sound, I was glad I'd picked up on the movement.

And I'll finish with two more Winter Regulars.
A Golden-crowned Sparrow.

A Fox Sparrow.