Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Autumn Decorating

I haven't done much any autumn decorating yet, but I found lots of  great ideas at Hiron's, a local variety merchant. 

I do like all things beeish!

Lots of honeycomb patterned items.

Autumn colors...

Halloween is right around the corner.
I might need the ghost salt and pepper shakers.  

Or the black and white pumpkin... 

Boo to you!

And you and you too!

Oh I like both of these pumpkins.

Truly funny salt and pepper shakers.

On to November and Thanksgiving...


A turkey and pumpkins...

Funny name place holders.

Pretty plates

Did you get any ideas?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Boo to You!

Design - "Boo" Celebrate series with charm
designer - Lizzie Kate
Fabric - 32 count Light Mocha linen
Fibers - WDW - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 7 October 2017
Completed - 13 October 2017

I ran out of WDW "Havana" and substitured GAST "Cocoa" for the tree on the right. I like the colors used in this design, and as I think we have two juvenile Great Horned Owls, the owl duo is especially appropriate.

Who else is flitting about?

Pine Siskins and Black-capped Chickadees...

...the sunflower heads are a magnet for the smaller birds.

There's a Red-breasted Nuthatch at the peanut feeder most days.

Kudos to anyone who can eat upside down...

...or sideways.

On a weekend foggy morning I heard and then saw a Bewick's Wren. 

The mechanical chattering and the white eyebrow help ID the bird. 

While it never comes to the feeder, it does hang out with feeder birds like finches, chickadees, juncos, and towhees. 

Here's looking at you Bewick's Wren!

I had another rarely seen bird - a Hutton's Vireo.

I waffled between vireo and kinglet, but decided with the white eye-ring, wing bars, bill shape, and size it was a vireo.

The bird also 'chattered' which helped to ID it.

Come back again soon!

Monday, October 16, 2017

A New Week A New Stitch

Artful Offering's "Mr. Owl's Evergreen Gala" is kitted up and ready to go.  I think this will be a fun owl to stitch.

What do you think?

How many Cedar Waxwings can you count?

I think there were around 25 birds.

Cedar Waxwings often hang out in large social groups. 

And Varied Thrush often hang out with...

...American Robins.

Even though it has been raining, this Song Sparrow decided it was time for a bath.

Splish splash.

I've counted as many as 6 Golden-crowned Sparrows, while my White-crowned Sparrows have gone AWOL. 

Nuthatches have become 'regular' birds this summer and fall.

They are fun to watch at the peanut feeder.

As are my sweet Chestnut-backed Chickadees.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunday's Hummers

With rainy weather for several days, I do not have many hummer photos.

And those I do have are of males.

This guy is an adult male...

I thought this might be a female...

...but look at the throat...

It is an immature male.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Saturday's Critters

Here's a recap of some of the critters I've seen this week

The chipmunks have figured out that this small container is full of sunflower seeds.

What to do with a stash of sunflower seeds?
Bury them in a flower pot.

It's dirty work!

I've been reading up a bit on Douglas squirrels.

They prefer old growth and mature second growth forests.

In western Oregon their main food source are Douglas fir seeds.  I've seen David and Douglas carrying around fir cones. They are supposed to bring the cones to a central location where they strip the cones of seeds.

I have up to six doe in the backyard. 

That usually causes a kerfuffle or two. 

Then things settle down and those that remain take a nap.
Do you have a nap in store this weekend?