Thursday, July 21, 2016

Birds in Stitches and Outside

Design - "United"
Designer - Bent Creek
Fabric - 32 count natural linen
Fibers - DMC - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 15 July 2016
Completed - 18 July 2016

Many thanks to Chris at Tot Hill Farm Stitches for gifting me with this chart and the "Free Betsy" chart. 

I think this Steller's Jay could have been the model for the top bird in "United".

What do you think?

I am seeing more Oregon Juncos.  They've raised their families so I have a mix of mature adults like this as well as newly-fledged kids. 

I have anywhere from 6-10 American Goldfinches most days.

And this bird is one I see almost everyday.

It's a Song Sparrow that had some sort of close call and lost it's tail feathers.

For comparison, here's one with tail feathers.

I've been watching the Black-capped Chickadees with their insistent begging babies! 

The adult comes to the back feeder and grabs a bite...

...and brings it back to the waiting fledgling.

Isn't this a sweet bird?  And it's a New Bird too!
A MacGillivray Warbler. It was once common in this area, but is now less so. All About Birds describes it as 'furtive'.

I was very pleased that it came to my attention long enough for me to get a couple of photos. 


Carol said...

Your patriotic birds are very cute, Beth! And congratulations on spotting that "furtive" new bird--you really have such a great variety in your yard.

Vickie said...

That warbler is precious.

Barb said...

That little Warbler is so sweet. I'm glad it came to your yard. You have stitched another cute patriotic piece.

Frances said...

That patriotic stitch is so cute!! Love it!
All the birds are so pretty--I think I have commented before about the stellar jay's gorgeous color! We have other blue jays here. Did you say that you had not seen a blue jay like the ones in my yard? I can't remember and I guess I'm too lazy to scroll back and try to find the comment!! LOL I have tons of blue jays and they are very vocal! You always know when they're around!

Maggee said...

Love the United stitch! I love most Bent Creek designs! How exciting to find a 'new' bird in your yard! It sure is cute!! I have heard Blue Jays around, but they have not visited my feeders. Today, there have been none... Can't say I blame them! It is 98 degrees, with a heat index of 112! I do not believe I have ever seen those high numbers before! Ugh! Good thing it is laundry day! Hugs!