Sunday, July 31, 2016

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Are you enjoying your Sunday?

There's a Great Big World out there!

Young ones are always cute.

I wonder how many spots there are.

This female Rufous perches on a lily to guard the Mudroom flowerbed.

It's the perfect size for a petite bird.

The flowerbed is large enough for three or four birds...

Giving me the cold shoulder.

Such a pretty pattern of green and brown feathers.

The sun gleams on the feathers.

And she watches and waits.

This is another favorite battle station perch.

We even look straight up.

Parvati and I have counted as many as six bunnies in the back yard.

Each morning after breakfast we go on a walk-about.

Most days we do not have to go far to see multiple bunnies.

Groups of two or three are common.

Big Bunnies...

...and Baby Bunnies.

I am most amused when there are bunnies and quail.

Papa Quail is leading this group pass a couple of bunnies.

Basking in the morning sun.  What a great way to start the day!


LDR said...

How interesting to see the quails and bunnies congregating together. I never tire of your interesting nature photos!

Maggee said...

Haven't been out for a walk in what seems like enjoy your posts even more now! Can't believe that deer would come that close to the cat!! Pretty amazing! A new header--pretty nice! Hugs!

Vickie said...

I like your August header. The last photo is real nice.
How is the little fawn with the neck issue?

Wanda said...

Beautiful! What amazing pictures!

Frances N said...

I always love your beautiful photos!
I love the sweet fawns and bunnies! I see deer a lot here, but I don't see many rabbits. I understand that they are around, but I rarely see one.
The quail and bunnies together is amazing. I guess they've learned to get along in the same space!