Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Wednesday Walk

We had a bit of rain last week. Just under 0.75".

Last year we had no rain from mid-June through late October, and it was much hotter too.  I am loving the temps upper 70's to lower 80's. So pleasant.

This is Tragopogon dubius - Western Salsify.  I'll try and get a photo of a bloom before it goes to seed like an extra-large dandelion.

Toad Flax

Tansy Ragwort.  It is considered a noxious weed in Oregon. If cattle eat it, they get sick and even die.  There is a caterpillar that eats it and if you enlarge the photo and look on the right you can see two of them hard at work.   

Rabbit's Foot Clover

Queen Anne's Lace

The Hazelnuts are almost ripe. The casing are starting to split.
The jays will be thrilled!

Red-stemmed Ceoanothus - Oregon Tea Tree.

It has a small second flush of blooms.  I don't think I've ever seen that happen before.  

And July means the first ripe blackberries.


Jocelyn Thurston said...

I love your flower photos. Interesting to compare the species to my area. I have lots of Toad Flax and Tansy Ragwort here and they make the dulling grasses perk up with their very bright yellows. Loved the bird updates too, you busy girl!!

daisy gurl said...

I've never seen those type of caterpillars before.
Aren't you being blessed with a mild summer?! Enjoy!

Maggee said...

What a great picture of those caterpillars on those plants! Did you mean to get them in the shot? As always, wonderful post! Hugs!

Barb said...

I have always loved Queen Ann's Lace. I usually cut bunches of it while it is in bloom. Tomorrow, I'm off to the big lavender festival. We really have some pretty clouds out here!