Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Wednesday Walk in July - Berry Time

The sky is blue, the trees are green.
Let's take a walk.

And almost immediately there is a shrub with the
most interesting fruit or berries.

I have no idea what it might be.


Gentle green leaves.

Ash tree seeds.

A Pin Oak.

The seed pod of a Trillium.

False Solomon's Seal berries.

Near-ripe blackberries.

Snowbush berries.

Lupin fuzzy seed pods.

I looked for fruit on this Bitter Cherry, but it had already been stripped clean.

July will see the ripening of thousands and thousands of blackberries.
The fruit will feed countless birds, and chipmunk, and deer.

I'm hot, let's have a cook drink and sit a spell.


Maggee said...

Last Saturday, went on a tram tour of a local Wildlife Refuge, and every so often the tour guide stopped, and picked some berries for us... He spotted blackberries and raspberries, which everyone enjoyed. He saw Scuppernong grapes just starting too! Yes, everything is blooming now... plenty for everyone! Hugs!

Barb said...

What a lovely walk. It's great to have so much food for the wild life.