Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Some of the September Regulars

It's getting dark now by 7:30pm, so I find that I am stitching in the evenings once again.  All I have left is some back stitching and detail stitches; and this ark will be ready to roll away (it has wheels!)

I watch the birds most mornings for a couple of hours and count anywhere from 15 to 27 different kinds.

Lately I've seen a small group of Purple Finches. 

It's very hard for me to tell male Purple Finches from House Finches.

But when a gal shows up and has a white eyebrow (on left), I know that it is a group of Purple Finches.

I am now seeing several Robins in the morning and evening.

I saw my first Fox Sparrow for the autumn. 
Note the dark head, and the brown and white breast.

In comparison, the Song Sparrow has a lighter brown head with cream stripes, and cream and brown breast.

I had a male Lesser Goldfinch come by on Tuesday after not having seen one for well over a week.

This time of year he is much more colorful than the male American Goldfinches. 

I also had one young Evening Grosbeak stop by momentarily.

I wish they were winter guests here, but they are just flying through.

I love their big thick seed-crushing bills.

I continue to have lots of Cedar Waxwings.

I expect as long as there are ripe berries in area, they will hang around.
I like it when they roost in trees close by... 

...and I can get a good clear look at them.

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Lovely stitch and magnificent creatures
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