Friday, October 1, 2010

P is for Pumpkins...B is for Begonias

Design - "Pumpkin Ornament"
Chart - "P is for Pumpkins"
Designer - Lighthearted Little Ones
Fabric - 32 count Antique White Jobelan
Fibers - WDW
Started - 24 September 2010
Completed - 30 September 2010

I don't know if the scan makes it clear, but these WDW colors just plain glow!
I love the use of Carrot to fill and Chrysanthemum delineate the pumpkin. Now, if I only had some "finishing" skills I could have a small tree festooned with pumpkin stitches!

On the gardening front, I am so very pleased that this fuchsia is finally blooming.  I over-wintered successfully - it was in good health and form, but for some reason, took forever to set blossoms.

My two large begonias continue to be stellar performers.

The plants are low maintainance, and they just bloom and bloom and bloom.

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