Friday, October 15, 2010

Looking to the Future

I cannot decide if EBay is wonderful...or a terrible temptation.

I found some wonderful fabric listed on EBay by JJ's of Glasgow, KY.
Left to right:
40 count Lakeside Vintage Maple Sugar, 40 count R & R Antique Cotton, and 30 count R & R Sleepy Hollow Blend.
I'm thrilled to get the Sleepy Hollow as I think that may be a discontinued color.  All three have been allocated for future projects.

Looking to the future, I've taken advantage of our continued great weather.
I bought some spring bulbs and potted them up.

Nothing better illustrates my unremitting optimism as a gardener.
Last year, due to a extreme prolong cold spell in early December (15F-8F), not one of the bulbs I planted survived...major bummer!
But lesson learned. 

This year if we have extreme cold weather, I'll move these pots into the garage or shop where they will not suffer so from the cold.  

I've planted muscari, crocus, iris, and narcissus.
I am hopeful they will make a showing in Spring 2011! 

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