Saturday, October 30, 2010

Crows and Pumpkins and Pansies

Okay, surely there's time for one more Halloween stitch!

So I'm going to rapidly stitch "Punkin' Spider", the companion piece to "Punkin' Crow".

I've carried over the crow motif to my collection of Halloween salt and pepper shakers.

On the gardening front, I dodge the rain this week, and managed to plant out several pansies.

I can't pick a favorite color...

Love the little violas..

Good things do come in small packages sometimes.

This display should be a rainbow of colors...

and back to bluey-violet...

I'm hoping for color all winter long.

What a bright smiling face!


Christina said...

'Punkin Spider' is fabulous, I particularly like the carrot fabric you've used. I'm glad you mentioned what you used for the mouth. I've seen an Amy Bruecken punkin design that I'd like to stitch and I wondered how to make the mouth!

pippirose said...

How adorable! Love the Punkin Spider.
Maybe one of these years I'll have it on the ball, and start a Halloween project in time for Halloween!