Thursday, September 30, 2010

Look Who's Back!

Sometimes I think I could be happy blogging - just posting photos of floss and fabric.  I get as much enjoyment from the "products necessary to stitch" as the actual stitching, or the finished piece.

In my usually scattered way, I've set down my current stitch to begun another pumpkin...
I've not yet decided whether to keep the back ground linen colored, or use DMC 3371 like the ornament on the bottom right - I do kind of like the darker, spookier finish it creates.

Today I was amazed to look out the window and see...
 Evening Grosbeaks at our bird feeders. 
These guys are "flybys" for us in the spring and summer.  They come here to eat maple tree catkins in the spring, and usually leave us for the higher elevations of the Cascade Range by early July.  The last two or three years we've had a pair or two stay to raise their kids, and then they too leave by early August. 

Anyway, as best I can remember we've never had Grosbeaks at our feeders late September / early October.  They are wonderfully colorful birds and make a very cheery "churr" sound. 
Welcome back I say - no matter how short your visit!  

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Bella said...

Hi Beth... Don't you just love the grosbeaks? We had a funny year with them too, usually we are just a pitstop, this year they stayed for months, delightful!! You are the home to my favorite Tomatoes Willamettes:-)
Thanks for visiting!