Friday, October 8, 2010

Simple Pleasures

Continuing my series of autumnal framed stitches...

 This is "Simple Pleasures"

Design - "Simple Pleasures"
Designer - Christine Rogalski
Magazine - "Better Homes & Gardens Cross Stitch and Needlework" - Oct 1997
Fabric - 32 count raw Belfast linen
Fibers - DMC & Watercolors
Started - 1 September 1997
Completed - 12 September 1997

Give how one's tastes can change over time, I was pleased to see that this design stood the test of time - at least to my eye.  Thirteen years later I thought it was still deserving of being framed and displayed.

Last evening I had a few minutes and decided to pot up a couple of things.
Parvati was there to help.

Left: Agave parryl truncata "Retro Choke" 
I potted up a couple of small agaves.
They are so "structural" - way cool!

Right: Agave ghiesbreghtii "El Montevideo"
Their tags send out mixed messages - calling them annuals except for zones 7-11, yet saying they are hardy to 5F.  Hm-mm...I'm going to set them somewhere dry, under the eaves...I ought to be able to over-winter them. 

Fuchsia variegated "Lotty Hobby"  
I'm really more worried about over-wintering my half-hardy fuchsia.
I really, really, really need a greenhouse!

Parvati appeares to approve!

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Linda said...

I love your framed pumpkin! We have succulants here all year doesn't get too cold. I was reading some of your older posts all the cross stitch and your kitty is sweet. Thanks for sharing!