Thursday, March 22, 2018

They're Baaack!

Easter is not too far away.  Here's a design I stitched a couple of years ago.

Design - "Paques"
Designer - Le Chalet des Perelles
Fabric - 32 count unknown linen
Fibers - DMC - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 27 March 2016
Completed -29 March 2016

My first sighting of Band-tailed Pigeons happened on Wednesday.

It was only three birds, but I should remove the trays from the feeders post-haste so they cannot perch on them.  That helps keep the pigeons from eating me out of house and home.  By mid-April the flock will have grown to 30-40 birds.  

I'd much rather have 30-40 Lesser Goldfinches! 

Right now I have four birds - two males and two females.

Answering questions / comments to 'no-reply" folks. 
Kristen noted that there is a meme going around on Flosstube: stitch what you want, when you want.  That's what I will do too!

Quiltprincess asked about the fabric for "Winter Solstice" by Hands on Designs.  I am using 32 count "Abyss" - Fabrics by Stephanie - link is here.  

Lisa B. asked about bark butter.  It is a product sold by Wild Birds Unlimited stores. It contains roasted peanuts, corn, rendered beef suet, calcium carbonate, and soy oil; and has the consistency of thick creamy peanut butter. The bark butter can be used in a special feeder, or applied to the bark of a tree. As it has oil you do not want to put it on a fence as it will stain. It does attract birds that might not come for seeds.  Here's a list. You can see if you have a store nearby with this locator


Robin in Virginia said...

What a sweet bunny piece you shared, Beth! We had a flurry of small bird activity after yesterday's snow.

pandy said...

The Juncos were waiting for me this morning to put the dish out. before I turned around to go back in they were on the table filling their beaks! I found a red ribbon to put on the bark butter feeder so I'll be doing that later today! thanks for all the encouragement and tips!

RJ said...

What a sweet stitch, Beth. Where do you find these patterns and designers? They are all adorable.

Love the pigeon shot! All of your photos are wonderful as always. RJ


Love the little basket stitchery--sweet--
and I always enjoy the bird photos-thanks--
enjoy, di

Carol said...

So funny--I just finished that bunny piece for a gift, today :)

Those pigeons look so huge on your bird feeders--hope you can encourage them to go elsewhere!

Margaret said...

Interesting on the pigeons. Who knew?

Cindy's Stitching said...

Love the birds. Do you finish your stitched pieces, i never see any pictures of the finished piece.

Lisa B. said...

Thank you so much for the bark butter info. Found a store not too far from me. I'm looking at their website and plan to visit the store this weekend. You are so sweet to let me know about the bark butter. Thank you again. Lisa B.

Mary said...

Love the robin blue eggs in the stitch. Great shot of the bird on the silhouette. I can't wait to get back to the Wild Birds unlimited store in NJ. Bark butter is on my list. Thanks for the tip about not putting it on the fencing as it will stain. That is exactly where I was going to put it!