Sunday, March 25, 2018

Sunday's Hummers

I thought I saw a male Rufous Hummingbird on March 10th, but I haven't seen one since, so I've begun to doubt myself.  

I do have three female Anna's.

I managed to 'capture' two of the gals sharing a feeder.

Sharing the smallest of my five hummer feeders.

They seemed pretty mellow.

This time of year the females often run off this male. 

Male hummingbirds impregnate the females, and that is their only contribution to raising the next generation of hummingbirds.  The females create the nest, lay and incubate the eggs, and feed the baby birds - all on their own.  So I think by now they've decided they have no use any longer for this handsome fellow.   

I was able to catch a female coming to the fountain for a bath.

Wading in...

Shaking off excess water...

...and dipping in once again.


LaNelle said...

Beth, Sunday Hummers is spectacular...I especially loved the bathing antics 😍 Have a fabulous Sunday...many blessings to start the week🌷

Robin in Virginia said...

What great shots of the bathing hummer, Beth! It was good to see two co-existing at the small feeder.


I love watching birds take baths--
it is great entertainment!!
enjoy, di

Stewart M said...

Great set of shot - they really are the most remarkable birds.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Maggee said...

Oh, so very very cute!! Love those guys! I am getting ready to put up a feeder around our porch, that we can see out the kitchen window! Yay! Will do it mid-week, when it is a bit warmer, and maybe we will begin to see them around. It could happen! Hugs!