Monday, March 19, 2018

Does He Look Sad?

Do you think he looks sad?  I think he might be as I did not manage to get him finished by March 17th.  Oh well, I'll keep plugging away.

My Dad had knee replacement surgery on Tuesday.  You can see how well we are going keeping cat hair and dander away from the wound.  

Friday two Tom Turkeys showed up following a trio of hens.

By late in the day only one Tom remained. 

He came by again on Saturday.

And he pulled up a couple dozen plastic plant tags in our mudroom flowerbed - so that will be a joy, trying to put the tags back with the correct plants.

I saw him again Sunday morning, but he was at the edge of our small pine planting and so disappeared from view - and that's just fine with me!


Robin in Virginia said...

Great turkey shots, Beth! We had 8-10 hens and 1 'puffed' out Tom yesterday morning. The Tom gave chase to a couple of the hens. Hope your Tom leaves the plants alone.

Hope your Dad has a full recovery from his knee replacement surgery!

Wanda said...

What great pictures of the turkeys, Beth! We saw a whole bunch in a field on a drive on Sunday. I hope your dad is recovering well from his knee surgery. It looks like he has the perfect helper for recovery!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

It's good to have company when recovering:-) I love the Tom Turkey photos.

Vickie said...

I am glad to see sweet Parvati comforting your Dad as I am being comforted by Henry and Murphy. :)

RJ said...

Best wishes to your Dad Beth for a speedy recovery. I would love to hear how he makes out because I think I may have to have one myself. I took a terrible fall almost two weeks ago and did a real number on both of my knees. I have fallen too many times on these old knees and they are going to punish me for doing so.

I think your little Irish guy will smile when you finish him. LOL!!!

Great photos of the turkeys. RJ

Carol said...

Hope your dad recovers quickly, Beth! I know a number of people who have had knee replacement surgeries and they have all done well. Modern medicine :)

And those turkeys--what great shots! I usually only see the homely female turkeys around here in the fall.

Mary said...

I hope your Dad has a speedy recovery, he has pretty company!

Maggee said...

Yes, he DOES look a little sad. But... there's always next year! Hope your father is recuperating well, with the help of Parvati! The Tom Turkeys are interesting... must have been funny to watch the one pull out the plant tags! Ha!