Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday is Humming

The Anna's Hummingbirds are in the midst of a feeder frenzy.
I have three feeders in the back and I'm filling / refilling them every three days now. 

I have at least 5 birds - three females...

...and two males.

Wednesday afternoon I had two birds on one feeder - a male and female, and another male on the 2nd feeder.  The first time I've seen two males at the same time - and no camera of course! 

I did manage to capture a female bathing.

She took a pretty quick, cursory bath. 

"What are you looking at anyway?"

I think this one is also giving me the evil eye!

They're always up for an argument!


Weronika said...

I'd love to live in arear with such a nature! Thay are simply adorable!

LaNelle said...

Happy Sunday! So enjoy this day with your hummingbirds post♥️♥️ They are the best so delightful ...have a wonderful week full of amazing things🌷🌷

Robin in Virginia said...

They are such fun to watch! We probably have another month before they return here. Enjoy your Sunday, Beth!

Frances said...

Those are some funny faces!!

I will have to read and see when the hummingbirds will be around here!

RJ said...

They are adorable Beth. RJ

Maggee said...

Oh so cute!! DARE I try for Hummers this year too? Maybe if I put up a feeder in the backyard... No one will mess with it... Hugs!