Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday Birds

Design - "Shabby Chick"
Designer - Meme's Quilts
Fabric - 32 count R & R 18th Century Brown
Fibers - DMC
Started - 23 May 2011 
Completed - 27 May 2011

Every once in a while, I find an older chart that I think has stood the test of time.  Such is the case with "Shabby Chick".  I know that back-stitching is no longer in vogue, but it does make the design "pop"! 

And now for my weekly woodpecker report.

I was really pleased to have a male Downy Woodpecker come by for a moment or two the other day. 

While Downy Woodpeckers are by far the most comment woodpecker feeder visitors to urban and suburban homes, I do not see them very often.  

The Hairy Woodpeckers instead are my 'regulars'.
The female has been a steady visitor this month.

The male, not so much, so it was nice to see him after a couple of week's absence.

I can generally count on my male Acorn Woodpecker.

He's another fan of the deer fence as a perch.

I am hoping that the pair nest successfully this year. 

Flickers abound.
A male comes by most mornings...

And there are several females as well. 

I do enjoy the variety of woodpeckers that inhabit this area.
I've heard a Pileated Woodpecker, but no sightings this week.


cucki said...

I love your Thursday birds
So cute
Big hugs x

CalamityJr said...

Your shabby bird is perfect! What a cutie. Funny, but the Downy Woodpecker looks like he's perched on an icy branch. Thank goodness that's just an illusion!

Carol said...

Always love your Woodpecker report, Beth! We have been having several come to our feeders just this week. The funniest was the Giant Pileated Woodpecker trying to feed from our small suet feeder--he was HUGE!!

Very cute stitching, too. I haven't backstitched in a very long time, but it really does add a lot.

deb said...

The acorn woodpecker is such a pretty bird! Have never seen one except in your pictures and I so enjoy them.

Your Shabby Chick is adorable. Interesting how the backstitching marks it as an older design, but you're right about it really making it pop.

Maggee said...

Like your piece... especially the play on words! Have you seen the Acorn Woodpeckers on the Hummingbird Feeders at Cornell... did I ask that already? It is funny to see, but they must get something out of the feeder because there have been multiple visits! There is a new brood of Pileateds at a nearby Natural Area I have visited. Two babies... tho they may have fledged by now! So Quick!