Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Green World

Today was a lovely day for a walk in a green, green world.

Cow's Parsnip. 

Fiddle heads
Sword Fern

The Big Creek

Columbia Lilies

Oregon White Oak - just beginning to leaf out.

Vine Maple

Nootka Rose


Another section of the Big Creek. 



Douglas Fir

Big Leaf Maple

Next week I'll share photos of the many wildflowers, trees, and shrubs that are in bloom.

1 comment:

LaNelle said...

Gorgeous way to start my day...You are so blessed...I'm also enjoying one of my favorite views as the sun is rising over the river & lake with it being fogging due to temp being 30 F but on our way to a lovely high of 66 perfect for the northwoods of MN...☀️☀️