Friday, May 5, 2017

Bluebird of Happiness

Design - "Blue Bird"
Designer - The Bent Creek
Fabric - 28 count Light Mocha Cashel
Fibers - WDW & GAST - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 22 May 2016
Completed - 5 June 2016

I have to feature this cross stitch finish today because...

...yesterday evening this handsome fellow came by unexpectedly.

I have not seen a bluebird since 2013 (I think). 
I have a bluebird house, but the Starlings use it  - grrrr!

I didn't even have my camera, but was able to dash inside and get it.

No sign of a female.  I wonder if I will see him again.
He certainly made my day - maybe he was the Bluebird of Happiness!

The Violet-green Swallows are beginning to stake out their houses.

I put out some cotton nesting material and they swooped and grabbed it all up.

Here's a bird carrying material off.

One bird lit for a moment...

...and grabbed some before taking off again.

This is the ball of nesting material.

I think it's rather early for the female American Goldfinches to be utilizing it. They normally nest in July.

Nonetheless they appeared interested.

Maybe they are scouting out nesting sights.


Robin in Virginia said...

What a might fine looking bluebird gentleman you shared, Beth! We have several bluebird houses, but haven't seen any bluebirds yet. I like the photos of the birds capturing the nesting materials. Enjoy your weekend!

Goofin' Off Around the Block said...

Those blue birds are so pretty. Isn't it funny how we can see something in life and remember a piece that we've worked on. Thanks for sharing all those beautiful photos. Andrea

carol fun said...

Both of your bluebirds are quite handsome fellows! Mother Nature sure knows how to dress a guy up... love it!

Anne L said...

We had many bluebirds about 20 years ago and then none.Just recently (and happily) they have come back! We're hoping they will stay this time-a pair have started nesting in our bluebird house so we keep those mealworms coming. Aren't they just so beautiful?

Kristen said...

Two exciting birding days in a row! Lovely. :)

MaryO said...

Many years ago a friend + I went bird watching in Placerita Canyon. This is a popular hiking/ bird watching reserve north of LA. My friend was taking an orinthology class @ CSUN and her prof was also w/us. He used a recording to attempt to "woo" a bluebird. Alas, while we could hear the reply, we were never able to see the bird. Your bird pics are simply beautiful! They make my day.