Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sunny Days

I found another bee stitch.  This Pine Mountain design came as a kit, so I have everything I need to get started - except maybe motivation.

Sunny days have been good for birding.
I had a Bewick's Wren singing in the backyard a couple of evenings ago.  As it is a bird I do not often see, it was a nice gift to have him stop by even briefly.

Mourning Doves are late spring 'regulars'.

Each morning brings 3-4 Steller's Jays. 

AS they can mimic other birds including hawks, they have a large and varied vocabulary.

My current counts shows that four houses are occupied.

I had thought that everyone was nesting...

...but on Sunday I saw a Violet-green Swallow with a large white feather - so someone is still in the process of nest building.


Stewart M said...

Very jealous of the birds in the nest boxes - we dont have any success with ours. Probably the wrong size and shape - or maybe they are filled with bees or possums!!

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Amy said...

That's a really cute pattern!

I spotted a couple of small birds going in and out of the end of a dead tree branch yesterday. I'm guessing they have a nest in it! I've avoided having that branch removed because it's not endangering anything but a small garden, and it seemed an unnecessary expense. Now I'm glad I did!

Maggee said...

I hope that you get to see the Bewick's Wren! That would be wonderful! As for motivation... well... it will come... {{{}}}

Kristen said...

The stellar's jays are so striking!

The kit is really cute. You should stitch it up.

cucki said...

Lovely x

Angie said...

Beth - I find that when the weather is so nice, it is hard to sit down and work a cross-stitch. I try and compromise by sitting under the umbrella on the back patio. Have a great rest of the week!

Mary said...

Oh, How I love that violet green swallow, I have never seen one and that green is stunning. Love your bee stitch too!! Mary