Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday's Humming Report

As I've said before this has been a very weird spring for hummers. 

Sometimes for a few days in a row I see a bird frequently ... this male Rufous.

Then he'll disappear only to reappear about the time I get worried. 

Earlier in the year (April) he was perched guarding the  backyard every day. 

I just try to enjoy the birds when they chose to show up.

This was the closest I was able to get.

Stretching and preening.

Wednesday morning I was very surprised to see this female Anna's Humming taking a small bit of cotton - I assume to use as nesting material.

She spent several seconds hovering.
I hope she is building a nest - as I'd have more hummers later this summer.


RJ said...

Beth you catch these sweet birds doing the best things. I love how they interact with different things. What long beaks they have...just delightful! RJ@stitching friends forever

Barb said...

A most interesting hummer report! I have not seen any Rufous this year at all. Are you as hot as we are??!!

Mary said...

I have hung out little pieces of wool for the birds but never thought of cotton, I'll do that in the future. The Rufous are so pretty, hope you have a new family of them visiting by the end of the summer.

Angie said...

Hi Beth, I was just catching up on your blog and saw the hummer post. This is the first year in the last 13 years when the hummers came extremely late to Kentucky. It was almost a month later than usual before I saw the first birds. I was excited but like at your house they show up very infrequently. A lot of times I see them just resting on the tomato cages. Strange!

Maggee said...

Love the hummer shots with cotton in it's beak! I am pretty stoked, because I have finally seen a Hummingbird!! We apparently only have Ruby-throated ones, so that is what it was, but... no ruby throat showing. It is still so exciting! And now, I just may see more because I see how little they really are, and how I might have missed noticing them whizzing by me! Hugs!