Sunday, June 4, 2017

May's Trail Camera Photos - Camera #2

Here is a selection of photos from the camera in our backyard.

Steller's Jay

California Quail couple.

Lots of quail.

The month of May is all about pairing up... 

...the female leads and the male follows.

We had several bunny photos too.

I like the white daisies in the foreground and the purple iris in the background.

Flying bunny!

Close up of the bounding bunny.

They are amazing jumpers.

A raccoon showed up fairly regularly this month.

Going back and forth.

Close up

They certainly do look like masked bandits.

Several deer wandered back and forth...

No bucks, but this doe and her fawn hung out.

One night time photo of a bob-cat... 

...and one mid-day photo of the same!

A very business-like hunter.

Only one, very poor photo of a bear - back right you can see the eyes.
It's helps to enlarge the photo.  I am hoping that the bears stay down by the Big Creek. We now have a motion detector rainbird near the bird feeders in the backyard, and I continue to bring in several of the feeders each night.


cucki said...

Nice :)

Maggee said...

You are so dedicated, and I really appreciate your time and effort to share all of this with us! Hugs!