Saturday, June 3, 2017

May's Trail Camera Photos - Camera #1

It's time once again to see who has stopped by.

As expected we had more deer photos than anything else. 

We tweeked the camera a bit and can now see the deer crossing the creek. 

A buck.

A second buck.

Crossing the creek.

Strolling along.

Having a drink.

Buck close up.

Only one photo of a bobcat this month.

Note that the cat was out and about at 10:30am.

Lots of bear activity this month.

We had an idea that we'd have beae photos as 'someone' was puncturing holes in the gallon jugs of water we keep to refill the 5 gallon galvanized tub.

To test our theory, we moved the jugs by the tub, and this bear is cheking them out.

Apparently they make good bear toys.

Not only night-time photos...

...but also an early morning walk-about.

A nice looking bear.

We thought we had lots of bear photos...

...turns out we had two bears!

Last year we had two 1/2 grown cubs - a neighbor named them Hansel and Gretel. I wonder if these are the same two bears.  


Mary said...

How exciting to have a bobcat and bears come through. Is this far from your home? I have never seen a bobcat in person, just Fisher Cats. I should set one of those up on my property, we have had bear visits a few times. My husband and I enjoy photographing bears in the woods. Happy birding!! Mary

Robin in Virginia said...

Great pictures, Beth! We had our first bear sighting for this year not quite 2 weeks ago; it went through our side yard right after dinner. We think it was 2-3 years old. Enjoy your weekend!

Barb said...

We have had lots of bear sightings up here too. One sat in a tree all day and an elementary school was in lock-down all day because of it!

Maggee said...

It is always fascinating to see wild creatures in their element, without them being afraid of humans. You get great pictures! As always!