Wednesday, June 7, 2017

First Walk in June

The weather is soon to change to cold, wet days so let's get outside and enjoy the warmth and blue skies while we can.

See all the rumpled grass?  This is probably where a deer bedded down to chew her cud.

The Nootka roses are still blooming...

The blackberries have started to bloom.

This Song Sparrow has noted our presence...

...and is singing a song for us.

Look up!  There are several Cedar Waxwings about.

Now we've made it to the Quarry Pond.
Excitement there - three Western Pond Turtles.

Western Pond Turtles are an endangered native turtle, so it's great to see a nice little group.

The females nest up to 50 yards away from the water.
Later in the summer we might have baby turtles.

Wouldn't this make for pretty wallpaper?
A wall of pale violet lupine.

Blue Dick.

And with June comes Oregon Sunshine.

Such a cheerful wildflower.

A study for a painting.
Lupine and columbine.

Last year this area was torn up by an ATV.
I am so pleased that it has recovered and the Lewis' Mimulus is in bloom once again. 

A darker purple native lupine.

The Osoberries are almost ripe.
When they are everyone will feast on them - Cedar Waxwings...

...and chipmunks!  Do you see him?

A pollinator hard at work on a Cow's Parsnip.

I hope this walk was enjoyable for you.


Jeannine520 said...

Lovely pics!

Susan said...

I love these 'walks'!!!