Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mid June Walk

With lots of rain last week, June continues to be green and lush.
Let's go see.


Vine Maple seeds - I call them whirlygigs! 

Bracken Fern

Columbia Lily

The Ninebark is still in bloom.

A study in green.

Thimbleberries again.

Bracken Fern and native columbine.

Sometimes the play of light makes all the difference.
This Sword Fern glows in the sunlight.

Upside down plant.

Mock Orange

Cow's Parsnip in the sunlight.

Green fruit of a sour cherry tree.

Oak Galls - They'll turn a taupe / brown in the fall.

Native Honeysuckle.

New green growth on a Douglas Fir.
I'm feeling refreshed, hope you are too. 


cucki said...

Beautiful walk x

MaryO said...

Love all that GREEN!

San Pedro, CA

Margaret said...

Everything looks happy and green!

Barb said...

Wonderful pictures!! We have been out of town. Wow! Nothing like leaving it to make one appreciate the NW!!!!!

Maggee said...

Yes! Lush and green certainly revives a person!