Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June's Final Walk

How did the month of June fly by so quickly?

It seems like just yesterday that the Ocean Spray was forming its cascading blooms.

Now the shrubs are frothing with white.

They will be the stars of the dappled shade for a couple of more weeks.

Here's a wild pea of some sort.

The wild roses continue to bloom.

Pink, pinker, pinkest!

The blackberry vines are in full bloom.

The Ox-eyed Daisies 'own' the meadows.

I have the smallest patch of Oregon Sunshine.

The Elderberry is blooming too.  I've never seen the bright red ripe berries as the Grosbeaks eat them all while they are still green.

Speaking of green berries - Poison Oak! Stay clear!

A Towhee is singing away as we walk by...

Vine Maple provides a pop of bright green and red.

Oaks in the sunshine!  So many birds feed off the insects that are associated with our native oaks. 

We have two native honeysuckles. One is orange and the other, this one, is a pale pinky / purple.

That's it for June - onwards to July. 


MaryO said...



Barb said...

I always really enjoy the walks. I love seeing all the beautiful wild flowers!!

LeShawn said...

Its always a pleasure to stop by and see what you have posted. Such a lovely environment. So many beautiful things to see.

RJ said...

Lovely walk...beautiful flowers! Have a great weekend. RJ

Mary said...

Beautiful flowers! The photo of the oak is my favorite, love the sun hitting the trees.

Maggee said...

Thanks for sharing... love seeing all your wild plants!

Carol said...

A lovely walk--can't believe 2017 is half over!