Thursday, June 1, 2017

June's Blog Header

Garden Grumbles and Cross Stitch Fumbles June 2017 Blog Header

Row #1: Shepherd's Bush, "Keeping the Bees"; The Prairie Schooler, "Where There Are Bees" - "Bee".

Row #2: Lizzie Kate, "Buzz"; Lizzie Kate, "June"

Row #3: Nikycreations, "Monthly Animal Series" - "August"; Heart in Hand, "Joyful Journal - June".

Row #4: Amy Bruecken Designs, "Bee Happy or Bee Quiet"The Prairie Schooler, "Where There Are Bees" - "Medallion".

I am always delighted to see a Purple Martin or two.

There was a male and female recently.

The male flew off, but I got a couple of nice photos of the female. 

They are much bigger birds than my Violet-green Swallows.

The males are much prettier...

The glossy purple-black feathers make for a very handsome bird.

After hearing the "Quick! Three Birds" call of the Olive-sided Flycatcher for several days, it was nice to finally see one.

The bird was quite far away - times like this I give thanks for my camera's super zoom capabilities.


Mary said...

What a great header for June!! Our blog theme for June is birds and bees and I can see that I might have to use some of these patterns for it.

Glad you got to finally see the flycatcher! You do so well at identifying the birds.

I enjoy your bird posts just as much as the cross stitching! Mary@stitchingfriendsforever

Vickie said...

That LK Buzz just pops on that linen!

Carol said...

Such a cute June header, Beth! The bee theme is perfect for this month. I have very few summery smalls--need to get busy and stitch some of these...

Christine said...

Great header! I love bees on samplers and the little ants sneaking towards the picnic basket in the border of the Heart in Hand design are adorable

Maggee said...

As always, your stitching header is a delight to see! And Congrats on finally seeing the Olive-sided Flycatcher! Lots of my birds I see and photograph are heard first... I follow the sound, and sometimes when I find them... they actually stay still! Ha!