Saturday, June 10, 2017

Saturday's Nature Shots

A gray squirrel.

Lots of chipmunks.

They were happy to see me.

Two of them.

Breakfast time!

Fat cheeks...

...and dainty hands.


The chippies are driving me crazy - digging up the soil in my pots on the deck and planting sunflower seeds. Yes you!

Brown-eyed bunny.

I am so happy to have a male Rufous Hummingbird back in the area. He does not spend much time here, but I do see him, briefly, a couple of times each day.


Vickie said...

The chippies are driving Mabel and Henry crazy. The bunnies are driving ME crazy. A rabbit had bunnies. They are eating my dahlias and hollyhocks!

arcadia said...

I so much wish I could have all those kind of animals in my garden, or fields arounds. Sadly they started killing everything and totally destroyed the bio diversity... they killed foxes (all, even allowed to hunt them at night), then bunnies were too numerous. They killed bunnies. NOw we have a tremendous amount of rats, so they found intelligent to poison them...huh...Then it's the turn of badgers, they kill them an awful way, they are barbarians. Who's next ? I remember 17 years ago we could see deers, fawns, foxes, boars or even a lynx or wild cat in the mountains of the area... today ? You hardly see any living one, when I can spot one it looks like a gift, I've not seen a bunny in years... even our squirrels disappear (some poisonned by rats poison, some crashed by cars). Hedgehog is in major danger for the same reason. I bet next ones they'll destroy are birds... How sad... I absolutely LOVE your pictures of chipmunks, we don't have those here, I'm SO jealous I would love to see one in true :-)

RJ said...

That chipmunk is adorable! I love his cute little cheeks. The squirrels have gotten into our attic and we have had quite a time trying to get them not to come in. They are very smart though.

And your bird photos are always the best. You see the most amazing birds. I have never seen such a variety. We have lots of beautiful cardinals and I'm thrilled when one comes to eat out of bird feeder. Have a lovely weekend. RJ @stitching friends forever

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

So much entertainment all around you. Definitely better than any tv show. :)