Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wednesday's Walk

The Iris tenax are in bloom, let's take a walk and admire them.

Different clumps are different shade of purple.
From pale... quite dark.

Dandelions are pretty and nutritious too. 

More Iris.

The Big Leaf Maples are also in full bloom. (Sneeze!)

Darker Iris

Lighter Iris

Our native Bleeding Heart.

Iris blooms and raindrops / dewdrops.

Singular beauty.

Grand Hound's Tongue

A carpet of Iris.

An identical duo. 

I love this color combination - violet and spring green.

Wild strawberries

An Iris tenax clump.

A drift of Iris as we finish today's walk.


Vickie said...

Aaahh. So very pretty.

Robin in Virginia said...

Such a pretty combination of color -- the purples against the spring greens! Thanks for sharing, Beth!

Rhodesia said...

What a lovely post. Have a good day Diane

Barb said...

That iris is so pretty! I went for a walk last week and saw lots of native bleeding heart.