Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sunday's Humming Along

Do you see that little dot atop the young green Douglas fir?

Here's a closer look.

After having a drink or two, the male Rufous Hummingbird likes to keep watch perch upon high.

Interestingly, he does not bother the female Anna's Hummingbirds... 

...and they eat in peace.

Cornell University now has an live web camera in Western Texas that features several different kinds of hummingbirds.  I encourage you to take a look here.


Robin in Virginia said...

I like to watch the hummers flit from the feeders to the perched branches. If they are surrounded by leafs, it is hard to see them. Enjoy your day!

Rhodesia said...

I do wish we had hummingbirds here! Have a good day Diane

Barb said...

Great pictures. I will be taking a good look at the Cornell hummingbird site! Thanks for the heads up.