Thursday, May 24, 2018

Stash Explosion!

I went up to Corvallis last week to help celebrate Friendship Crossing's 30th anniversary.

I did my part to insure that Ann will be in business for years to come!

Spring brings me brighter birds like this male American Goldfinch.

Even this female Lesser Goldfinch qualifies.

The winner may be the male Evening Grosbeak.  
We are awash in Evening Grosbeaks.  My sister counted around 20 at the feeder in her dahlia garden.  

I had a Purple Martin stop by briefly - another bright bird.

The House Sparrow continues to harass the Violet-green Swallows - grrrrr!

That makes a nice segue to this male Brown-headed Cowbird. While cowbirds don't physically take over other bird's nests, they do lay their eggs in others' nests.  Often the 'true' babies do not fledge as the much large cowbird baby requires much more food than say a White-crowned Sparrow baby.
Boy sometimes Nature is all about survival of the fittest - or the biggest bully.  


Vickie said...

Oh Beth you have so many charts that I am excited about! :D
I miss my goldfinches that is for certain.

Irene said...

WOW! Ho visto degli schemi bellissimi!!

Barb said...

I'm so happy you are doing your part to help the cross stitch shop to stay in business. I am helping 123 Stitch in much the same way!

Meg said...

Beth, that female lesser goldfinch is darling, isn’t she? Boooooooo to the bullies, both in the natural world and the human one. What a wonderful stash! If I could right now, I would love a road trip to help Ann celebrate. 30 years! Wow! It really is a testament to her service and dedication. Thanks again for pointing me her way. I’m looking forward to going to Friendship Crossing in December (if not sooner!).

LDR said...

I recently purchased some of the same kits/patterns! We are on the same wavelength when it comes to stitching & birding :-)!

Frances N said...

I'm jealous of your stash! There is not a cross stitch shop near me--Memphis is the closest, at about 4 hours. That's probably good, because I would have a mini-shop in my home! But I sure do like your selections!
Sweet, funny animals/birds!