Sunday, May 6, 2018

April Trail Camera #2 Photos - The Backyard

The camera at the edge of the backyard did a yeoman's work this past month. 

As expected there were plenty of deer.

An opossum.

Front of a bobcat...

...and the back end.

A couple of night-time deer.

Raccoon strolling by...

...closer still.

Tongue sticking out!

Another raccoon shot.

Covey of quail out...

...and about.

Opossum going about his business.

I hope he is vacuuming up ticks.


So is he cute?

Or just plain ugly?

Steller's Jay

American Robin 

Remember the bear who came by?  Here's the action shot as the motion detector water sprinkler drove him off.


I wonder where his rounds take him.

I think the opossum wins as April's most frequent visitor. 

See the little Junco?

Mr. Quail strutting his stuff.

And we end with a trifecta of Steller's Jays.


Robin said...

Hi Beth!
I really enjoy seeing all your trail photos and I was wondering how close to your home is the camera? It must be really fun to see who shows up on the camera but wondering how it would feel to have Poohs and bobcats nearby! Take care!

Robin in Virginia said...

Trail camera #2 gets the prize. I chuckled at the bear picture. I bet the water was a surprise. Enjoy your Sunday!

Rhodesia said...

So interesting having a camera that picks up night visitors and you really get an interesting bunch. Thanks for sharing, Diane

Barb said...

It looks like everyone is out and about in the spring weather!

Frances N said...

I love your trail cam photos! Such activity around you!

Stewart M said...

Putting me to shame again!

cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

Kristen said...

I think opossums are adorable! There's a "celebrity" opossum on YouTube - his name is Ratatouille - who likes to go snowboarding. It's hilarious!

Carol said...

Such a great variety of critters! Glad the bear is getting the message with the water sprinkler :)

Pondside said...

Wow! Those are some great shots! A bob cat would be a shock up here, though the deer come by day and night to eat everything in sight.