Wednesday, May 30, 2018

May's Last Walk

Things are still green and fresh; let's go outside.

The Columbia Lily is growing straight and true.


...just love them.


The Big Creek still has a bit of water flowing.

Corn Lilies

I think this is Meadow Rue.

The Indian Plum (Osoberry) has already set fruit.

The Serviceberry has done the same.

Chokecherry blooms do not last long. 


Bog Leaf Maple - oodles of seeds for the birds and critters.

Hawthorn - a symbol of May's fertility.


Robin in Virginia said...

Lovely pictures, Beth! We have an abundance of honeysuckle and mountain laurel blooms at the moment.

Carol said...

Such a lovely walk today, Beth! This spring has been a great one for our flowering trees and shrubs--they really exploded :)

Barb said...

So much beauty this time of year!! We went for a walk today and the wild roses were spectacular!!