Saturday, May 26, 2018

Sunny Saturday

We're supposed to have good weather over the three day weekend.
Parvati recommends a bit of time outside.

Dine al fresco... an All You Can Eat Buffet.

Fresh greens are an important part of a balanced diet.

And expectant mothers should eat a healthy diet.
Do have any special craving - like dandelions perhaps?


Vickie said...

We are going to have very sunny, hot weather. That doe looks so precious. I look forward to fawn pictures. When I was pregnant I desired Charms Sweet & Sour Pops.

Robin in Virginia said...

Oh Beth, you made me chuckle with your commentary to go with your pictures. What a beautiful picture of the doe! Enjoy your Saturday!

Frances N said...

Cute photo descriptions!
The doe has such a sweet round tummy!
It has been a bit steamy here because of showers. But I was out today by
the creek, beside my house, and it was so pleasant and breezy. Beautiful day!