Monday, February 20, 2017

Winter Birds

Design - "Chickadee"
Designer - Elizabeth Spurlock
Chart - Easy Cross Stitch Pattern a Day 2009 Calendar
Fabric - 32 count Lakeside Linen Winter Sky
Started - 16 January 2009
Completed - 29 January 2009

I thought I'd share this cross stitch finish.  Black-capped Chickadees are one of my favorite winter birds.

And now, to share photos of another winter favorite.

Kinglets rarely come to my feeders. I have to go on a winter walk and listen carefully to find these small birds.

This female Ruby-crowned Kinglet was flitting about at the edge of my sister's Dahlia Garden. 

I managed to get several 'good' looks, enough to determine that it was a female, as the ruby crown never made itself known.

As is usually the case with Kinglets, I heard the bird first before finding it.

he sound is also how I determined that it was a Ruby-crowned Kinglet rather than a Golden-crowned Kinglet.  The white around the eye also helped to
ID the bird.

The day was gray and dull, so the light was not the best.

This turned out to be a pretty good photo.

Look at the body of the bird in comparison to the feet and legs!
Side-ways bird!

Sometimes I see just one bird, sometimes there are several all looking for insects in the mosses and lichens of shrubs and trees.


Maggee said...

Great shots! Guess I should study on their songs, cause if I find them, it is purely by accident!

Barb said...

Wonderful photos. You have some very interesting birds in the pictures!