Saturday, February 18, 2017

Small Critters

With warmer weather, there are a few more critters out and about.

I counted three chipmunks on the woodpile.

And a grey squirrel likes the ease of access this feeder gives him.

He can grab a greedy handful of seeds...

...and munch to his heart's content.

Several mornings each week, there is a bunny waiting for me to fill the big bird feeder and toss some sunflower seeds on the ground.

You don't think about bunnies climbing things, but he is quite adept getting around atop the woodpile.


Pondside said...

We have few bunnies in our neighbourhood, so it is always a treat to see one hopping along. Deer - that's what we have in large numbers!

Frances N said...

Sweet bunny! And I even like the squirrels