Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Valentine and a Bath

Design - Make Do #11 - "Love" (kit)
Designer - Shakespeare's Peddler
Fabric - 32 count Rosy Pink linen
Fibers - unknown - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 28 February 2013
Completed - 5 March 2013

A very business-like "V" of geese flew overhead on Saturday heading north.
Migration has begun.  

This Spotted Towhee looks as wide as he is tall.
He's all fluffed up and ready to dive in...

...and take a bath.

Back out and shake off...

...and dive in once again.

Isn't the White-throated Sparrow pretty with all the green moss?

Chestnut-back Chickadee - sigh!

Black-capped Chickadee at the feeder...

...and scolding me as I fill up a feeder. I'm going as fast as I can!


Robin in Virginia said...

What a fun Valentine/heart piece you shared! That towhee looks like it was having a great time in the bird bath.

E Wilburn said...

Oh, I love the bath pictures!! And chickadees are some of my favorite birds, too...they always remind me of playing outside in the winter as a child.

Vickie said...

That is a wonderful Valentine stitch Beth. Such a cute bird bath in progress. :D

deb said...

That's a fun valentine stitch!

I saw geese flying this morning! Not like your long row - there were only about eight. Lovely birds - happy looking little chickadees, and that bathing towhee ... delightful. Wonder if he has any idea how arresting his orange eyes are.

Frances N said...

I love the Valentine piece!
I love to see geese in a V!! We have tons of them here in Mississippi. They're almost a nuisance. But I love to hear them honking. And they will land in the creek by my house and all come down at the same time. I love nature! I read about them and it said that they honk while flying to give confidence to the leader in the front. He keeps going with their honking cheering him on. How great is that??? (I assume it's true!)