Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Usual Crew

I've seen as many as three chipmunks at the same time.

This guy is about as wide as he is tall - making through the winter weather just find I'd say.

More bunnies are showing up as well.


Peaceable kingdom

I am most amused by the bunny that climbs up on the woodpile to eat sunflowers.

Isn't that the sweetest face ever?

I don't generally think about bunnies as climbers...

But they do have very strong legs and some serious claws.

The group of deer have ambled by a couple of times.

This doe continues to take care of her fawn.

A mother's work is never done.


MaryO said...

Adorable pics!

MaryO said...

Adorable pics!

Margaret said...

Love it! It's nice to see the furry critters as well as the feathered ones.

Frances N said...

Your critters are so sweet, especially the mother and baby!