Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wet Wednesday Walk

It has been pouring buckets today.  I think there's a bit of a break now, so let me put on some boots and we can go outside. 

The Osier Dogwood provides color even in the dead of winter.

But the day is overwhelmingly gray and green.

There are so many different kinds of mosses and lichens.

Not to forget mushrooms!

Moss on trees...

Moss on the forest floor. One...


Three. A True moss carpet.

And back to moss on trees!

This kind of weather is kind to creeks and streams too. And yes, moss on rocks!


Barb said...

One thing I love about the NW, and I have lived many other places, is that even on a wet gray day there is so much green to enjoy!

Maggee said...

All pretty signs of life, even in winter! Love the color of the Dogwood branches! Hugs!