Saturday, July 25, 2015

We're Humming Along

I think the poor Anna's are out numbered by Rufous. 

The Anna's, while larger, are not as feisty as the Rufous Hummingbirds.

Little but feisty!


Rufous guarding the Mudroom Flowerbed.

I've had as many as four Rufous fighting for domination of the Mudroom Flowerbed. 

I told them they could break it up into quadrants and everyone could eat in piece.

I got a steely-eyed stare in return! 

For little birds, they require Big Spaces!

Interestingly I do not appear to have any male Rufous or Anna's Hummingbirds at present.  I read a blog post from the New Mexico Audubon Society and they've observed the return of the male Rufous Hummingbirds back on their way to their winter home.

The females and juveniles will stay here until mid-October then wing their way back. 


Debbie said...

You're so very lucky to have so many beautiful hummingbirds! It's been at least a week since any sightings here. Beautiful photos!

Barb said...

That Rufous guarding the mudroom is just spectacular! Beautiful colors.

Kate said...

Such pretty pictures! They're such colorful birds; you're very lucky to have so many come to visit.

Maggee said...

Great pictures... as always! While away on a trip to visit family, I saw one Male Ruby throated hummer, and then three females... two different locations! Pretty excited! Not too many spotted on the East Coast, so I was content... Hugs!