Friday, February 23, 2018

Friday's Progress

This is a terrible photo of a really colorful stitch.  I'm just loving this - it's like stitching with a new box of Crayola crayons!

I'm getting up early enough to say hello to the Robins.  I think they roost in the trees near the house, then gather together before taking off for the day.

If I can't have Bushtits at the feeder, I'll take a Chestnut-backed Chickadee any day. 

These birds are darned cute and impatiently awaited me filling up the feeders.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Thursday's Plans

I have the last two home basketball games this week - Thursday and Saturday - both are late with 8:15pm and 8:30pm starts.  I think this is what I'll be working on before the game, during timeouts, and halftime. But first I'll need a nap!

I took my 'good' camera out on a walk on Sunday during heavy wet snow showers and now it will not turn on!  Arghhh! So I'm using my back-up camera which does not have nearly the zoom capabilities as you can see. 

The photos I do take are a bit blurry, so I don't have many to share. 
I have a 3 year warranty for the 'good' camera, I just need to call and see where I should ship the camera.  In other camera news, we ended up buying a refurbished Bushnell trail camera to replace the one that died at the start of February. The 'new' camera arrived yesterday, so we will be able to test it for a few days this month.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

One Day at a Time

Design - "February Stamp"
Designer - Lizzie Kate
Fabric - 28 count Light Mocha linen
Fibers - WDW - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 13 February 2018
Completed - 15 February 2018

Love the colors in "February Stamp" - a fun and fast stitch.

The Great Backyard Bird Count ended yesterday, but I have yet to submit and tally my observation sheets.  I'll have a blog report later in the week (I hope).

By far the most numerous bird this year - Robins.
One morning I counted well over 100 birds.

I can tell you that this year I had several Pine Siskins...

...and a few House Finches. They are prone to eye infections, and I think this male is suffering from one.

I had a couple of Flickers at the feeders.

Each time this female attempted to eat at the suet feeder, a male flew in a drove her off. 

I did see all three of my Acorn Woodpeckers during the count.

The star of the count has to be my Yellow-rumped Warbler.

Monday, February 19, 2018

The Day Got Away From Me

What with one thing and another, the day got away from me.
I'd hoped to post several pretty snow photos like this one from Monday.

But Wednesday's projected snowfall was a bust as you can see. We are supposed to get a bit of snow tonight through Thursday morning.  We shall see!

It's Winter Again

Looking at our weather forecast, I decided to stitch "You Melt My Heart" by Barbara Ana designs as it incorporates both a snowman and a heart. 

This is what it looked like Sunday morning.

The snow did not stay for long, just enough to irritate a Steller's Jay.

I do enjoy watching the California Quail in the snow.

They are rugged little birds. 

The snow brought a male Flicker to the suet feeder... 

...while a Steller's Jay waited his turn.

It is to continue to be quite cold for the next several days.  
I will look after all the birds including the hummers.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

And Now the Ladies

So who might the male Anna's Hummingbird be showing off to?
I have three females...

Male Anna's are promiscuous, so he could end up mating with multiple birds.

Right now the females do to appear to be impressed. 

In fact, they chase him off.

I will be taking special care of these birds today and for the next couple of days.

Snow is possible Sunday night / Monday morning...

...with Arctic weather arriving and bringing lows of 25°F Sunday, 14°F Monday, and 19°F Tuesday.

I will make sure the birds have access to nectar first thing in the morning as they come out of torpor and battle frigid temperatures.
And yes, I'll make sure all the other birds also have access to fresh water and food.