Thursday, July 9, 2015

Wonderful Woodpecker Week

I've had Little House Needleworks "Liberty 1776" kitted up for a couple of years now, and I even made the smallest of starts.  I've pulled it back out...and I am looking at it.  Will I resume stitching?

I've had another good week for Woodpecker watching.  Most everyone has come by the feeders or tapped away on nearby trees.   

My Hairy Woodpeckers have become 'regular's which pleases me no end. 

They've found the suet feeders.

Tuesday evening I had both a male and female arrive while I was on the Front Porch - no camera of course!
For some reason, I don't have any current photos of my little Downy Woodpeckers, but rest assured they've been present too. 

While the Sapsuckers do not come to the feeders, they are active in the trees most mornings.

I often see a couple of birds tapping and squawking away.

Their bright red heads are hard to beat!

This is my current Mystery Bird. 

While I'd like to think it is a Black-backed Woodpecker, I think it is probably a juvenile Sapsucker. 

The Flickers seem to have finished the fledgling transition. I've not see anyone begging for food in the past week or so.

It's been so very hot, I think this guy was panting.

He did get a nice drink of water at the fountain beneath the feeder.

My Acorn Woodpeckers are just active enough that I do not worry that they've moved away.  If one is at the feeder, it is only for the briefest moment while he snatches a peanut before flying away.

Here was my 4th of July Celebration!

I had a Pileated Woodpecker pop on by. 

Such a crazy prehistoric looking big bird!


Chris said...

Lots of woodpeckers! It must be noisy!lol.
I love that Liberty chart,

Vickie said...

I had a blue Woody the Woodpecker watch as a girl. :D

Maggee said...

What a great variety! Haven't seen any here lately... could be timing... Hugs!

Irene said...

che belli che sono!

Nicole H. said...

I'm in the middle of the LHN Liberty. I started it last year and then it sat until last month. Slow progress but I do love it!

Margaret said...

I always love pileated woodpeckers! I'm looking forward to seeing your framed pieces. (I'm behind in blog reading again...)

Barb said...

I love that LHN design. I have been tempted by it myself. Wonderful woodpecker photos and the big guy on July 4th! Wow!

Pam in IL said...

I'm just now catching up with reading posts. I love seeing all the birds and flowers as well as the stitching you've been working on. I keep hearing how hot and dry it is in your part of the country, while we've had cool (some would actually say cold) weather with lots of rain and severe storms.