Sunday, July 26, 2015

We Are Watching!

We have reason to believe that there is a chipmunk... the woodpile on the Back Patio.

All the smart chipmunks hang out at the Big Woodpile away from the house!
We have a doe with twins, and a doe with a single fawn. 

The twins visit regularly.

But the other morning, everyone came by.

Gimpy Girl, Unicorn, the two does, the three fawns, and an 'extra' young buck.

Here are all three fawns.

And we can't forget the bunnies.

We often have three bunnies in the backyard.

More distressingly, there've been bunnies in the Kitchen Garden.
The califlower is no more!  Bad Bunnies!


Kate said...

I love all your wildlife, but such a shame about the cauliflower!

Sandra@Prairie Patch Quilts said...

Such beautiful scenery; but sad for your garden. Great photo's!

Frances N said...

More of your wonderful photos! I love seeing the sweet animals, too! I have always thought bunnies were so cute! I know they can be bad and eat what they're not supposed to.....but they have the sweetest little faces!

Barb said...

Oh dear, very bad but very cute bunnies!

Christine said...

How lovely, except for the cauliflower part, that's not so good