Monday, July 13, 2015

Liberty Finish

Design - "Liberty" (kit)
Designer - Lizzie Kate
Fabric - 32 count Light Mocha Belfast
Fibers - GAST & DMC - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 4 July 2015
Completed - 8 July 2015

In my typical scattered stitching fashion, I managed to stitch the border using the color that was meant for the stars.  So rather than rip out the entire border, I chose to stitch the stars using GAST "Gold Leaf".  I guess you could say I personalized this design!  Thanks again to Chris for passing on the chart to me.

I've found a couple more feathers.  The top one belongs to one of my woodpeckers - probably the Hairy Woodpeckers or Acorn.  The bottom feather has just a bit of bright blue at the top.  Maybe it is a Scrub Jay feather. 

I still have two Quail couples who appear to be childless. 

This contrasts with the large brood of 28 or more...

...presided over by Daddy Quail. 

Newly fledged Robins are beginning to show up.

The male American Goldfinches are bright yellow now...

...and are happy to eat ripe thistle seeds.

I must have six or more newly fledged Lesser Goldfinches.  They flutter wildly and are chatterboxes...and are generally ignored by the adults.

Here's an adult female and male Lesser Goldfinch.

We have lift off!

Finally, a decent photo of a male Lesser Goldfinch!

Here's a male Purple Finch balancing on one leg.

I wonder if the other leg is injured.

A couple of Violet-green Swallows flew by to take a look at the Old Homestead.

While some birds raise two or more families, I think these birds were just hanging out. 

This is a fledgling - the head is brownish green and the feathers very downy.

In comparison, here's an adult Violet-Green Swallow.  Green-blue head and well maintained feathers.


Paula Lima said...

Swallows are amazing birds. Although we live surrounded by buildings, from our window we see a lot of Swallows flying by. Seeking to nourrish the smaller ones they have in their nest. Here they make their nests on the top of the buildings and to see a group of them flying back on the way to Africa is a sight we don't forget easily!

Paula Lima said...
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Pam in IL said...

Liberty turned out great! I like the color you chose for the stars too. I have some feral cats that have moved in under my deck and have been trying to get the Goldfinches and hummers, so I don't have many birds coming to my feeders at the moment. Thanks for sharing your bird photos!

Margaret said...

Love your stitching finish. That new camera is amazing -- your photos are better than ever!

Frances N said...

Your "Liberty" finish is very cute, and the colors are great!
Those goldfinches are beautiful and bright!
I always like the quail, too! They always look round and jolly!

Weronika said...

Congratulations! Great stitching and amazing pictures!

Justine said...

Great finish - no one would know about the colour changes! I do love those swallow photos...

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Oh golly I love that Liberty finish! And the birds...I learn more about birds and plant life from you! ;)

eileeninmd said...

What a wonderful variety of birds. I love the Quail and the pretty finches. Enjoy your day! said...

Beautiful shots of the birds. Love your stitchery piece too.

Margaret Adamson said...

this is a gorgeous selection of bird images adn it waslovely seeing the newly fledged Swallow and see the comparison with the adult plumage.

Adam Jones said...

Really like your Goldfinch shots. Its really quite different the Goldfinch here in the UK.

Marie C said...

Wonderful post...great shots of such a variety of birds!