Saturday, July 11, 2015

Back to Birds

Here are some of the less showy 'regulars' at the baths and feeders.

Starting off with the Darned Starlings!

The black birds are the mature adults, the lighter brown birds are the newly fledged youngsters.

On hot days they empty out my bird bath with their vigorous bathing.

I've read that female Purple Finches have a white eyebrow.
So I'm going with Purple Finch!

A couple having a drink.

A group of four at the feeder.
White eyebrows = Purple Finch

The problem is when it's a lone 'guy bird'.
House Finch or Purple Finch?

I'm thinking Purple Finch.

A Song Sparrow living up to its name.

More than a Basic Brown Bird in my book.

Mourning Dove on the left and Band-tailed Pigeon on the right.
This is nice for size comparison.

The Pine Siskins have come back in force.

During the time I had low numbers perhaps they were nesting. 

Now that everyone is back there is no way to tell the adults from the youngsters.

The American Goldfinches are the last birds to nest.

The Lesser Goldfinches have raised their young. The little ones are noisy!

Here's an adult male.

I think this is a young Scrub Jay.  The bird has the rumpled fluffy feathery look that many juvenile birds have.

And I cannot forget my Black-capped Chicka-dee-dee-dees!

Saving the best for last he says!


Margaret said...

I enjoyed your last post with Parvati and the deer. So cute! Love this post too. You get such a great variety of birds!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I always enjoy seeing the young birds. I had to shoo away a cat yesterday as we have some birds nesting in a tree at our front door and the cat was going to climb up inside the tree. The poor parent was cheeping madly.

Maggee said...

Great variety of birdies!