Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Quaker Stitch Nature Walk

Design - "Liberty Stars"
Designer - Erica Michaels
Fabric - 30 count WDW Cocoa linen
Fibers - Caron Wildflowers - 1 strand over 2 threads
Started - 18 July 2015
Completed - 19 July 2015

I very much enjoyed stitching the Quaker star motifs for this and using Caron Wildflowers in Cinnabar and Nightsky as the fibers.

Many times when I take a walk, I see lots of birds and critters as well as plants.  Are you game? Let's go.

Almost immediately there are bunnies in our path.

A Towhee sings away as we pass by.

Here's a Big Bumble hard at work.

Green!  Is there any color that is more refreshing and renewing?

I spied lots of Small Bird activity - I think there are baby birds somewhere in the leaves and lichen.

The Chickadees are busy in the trees near the Big Creek.  I caught a glimpse of a Wilson's Warbler too. Just a flash of bright yellow before it darted off. 

There are still a few pools of still water in the creek - that's a big attraction for birds and critters alike.

The lush green vegetation that lines the creek provides excellent habitat for many birds. I heard my Willow Flycatcher, but never managed to see him.

Oh look!  I knew I heard the buzzy call of a Cedar Waxwing. 

Thanks for posing for me!

And singing your buzzy high-pitched song.

We were able to put together a pretty good photographic portfolio.

But then you never take a bad photo, do you?

The thicket provides protection for young fledglings like this House Finch - still learning how to survive on its own.

I thought I might hear a song, but no such luck - that's yet another thing that it learns after fledging. 

Best of luck to you Baby Bird!

Down at the Quarry Pond Mama Mallard is keeping close watch over her little duckling.

As best I could tell there was only one baby.

And I did not see any sign of Papa Drake.

Oh how sweet!  A very protective doe and her spotted fawns.

These are the first fawns that I've seen this summer.

The Hummingbirds roam our property and delight in the Teasel and blackberry blossoms down by the Big Creek.

We're almost back where we began.  A good walk I think.


Vickie said...

ooOoo! Liberty Stars is great!

Kate said...

Great stitching! I love the variegated floss you used. Lovely photos; you always make me feel as though I'm walking through the woods with you. So nice since I live in the city and don't see much wildlife.

bettyl-NZ said...

How wonderful to see such a variety of wildlife in one walk. Your waxwing is just beautiful!

Barb said...

I just love Liberty Stars. I am going to order that one. What a delightful walk. All the little critters are so cute. I love those baby ducks with mama.

Wanda said...

What a lovely walk! I am so impressed with all the wildlife you have Beth! I do love your commentary and thank you for the chuckles you bring! :)

Pam in IL said...

Liberty Star is lovely! Awesome walk too. The Cedar Waxwing is beautiful!

Justine said...

A lovely walk - thanks for sharing! Cute little finish.

Frances N said...

The stitching is lovely!
The cedar waxwing looks like he's made of velvet--so soft looking!
And I love the little finch fledgling--like a round baby!
We have ducks here and deer. But I don't see fawns very often. Just yesterday, a young male deer was walking across a neighbor's yard, just looking around! Many times we see them in groups of 4 or pretty

Rambling Woods said...

Wonderful stitching and wonderful nature walk. What a happy place for wildlife to come and raise their young.. So many lovely nature photos.. Thank you so much for linking in... Michelle