Monday, July 27, 2015

Uncle Sam and a Few Birds

Design - "Uncle Sam Flatbed" (kit)
Designer - Bent Creek
Fabric - 32 count Light Mocha Belfast linen
Fibers - DMC & WDW - 2 strands over 2 threads
Started - 20 July 2015
Completed - 23 July 2015 
Once again thanks to Chris at Tot Hill Farm Stitches for the generous RAK that included this chart.  It was fun to stitch and to mess about finding button that would work as wheels.
This past week I've had a mix of my Bird Regulars and Infrequent Fliers.
A Turkey Vulture would have to be classified as a Regular.
The Black-capped Chickadees have been few and far between the last several weeks, but now that they've nested and fledged, I am seeing groups of 4-6.
The Tree Swallows fly high overhead chattering all the while and mobbing any and all hawks in the area.  Go Tree Swallows! 

House Finch or Purple Finch?  It's your call.

I don't know that I have ever had as many Black-headed Grosbeaks as this summer.  Now that they too have nested and fledged, there are groups of up to 12-14 at the feeders.

Stellers Jays are Regulars.  I think the bird on the left is a juvenile with bright clean feathers.  I think the bird on the right is a mature adult in the midst of a moult with dingy feathers. 
Papa Quail and his Large Herd come by several times a day.

He has done an amazing job of keeping his 28 or so chicks safe from harm. 
We now have a couple of more Quail families out and about.  The babies are tiny tiny - no bigger than a large marshmellow. 
Cedar Waxwings are Irregular / Occassional Visitors.  Some evenings I am graced by their presence for a few minutes before they fly off to safety for the night. 
This male Bluebird is probably my favorite Occassional Visitor.
On one of our hot days, he stopped by for a cooling dip.
I appreciated that he 'stays put' long enough for me to take a photo or two.  I've not had any luck with the flock or Bushtits or the Wilson's Warbler that flits by once in a while.



Kate said...

Cute stitching! I love the wheels. So glad you get so many lovely feathered visitors :-)

Margaret said...

Amazing pictures! I just love seeing all the birds.

Barb said...

Uncle Sam is so cute. I can not tell the difference between and house finch and a purple finch! Do you know of a sure way?

eileeninmd said...

Hello, I love your Uncle Sam in the flatbed! And wow, what a great variety of birds. I would love to see the Black-headed Grosbeaks and the Quail. The Stellar Jays are cool too. Awesome photos and birds. Enjoy your day and the week ahead!

Gayle said...

Just love Uncle Same and the buttons are perfect.

Felicia said...

lovely bird captures. a nice variety

Carol said...

Such a cute Uncle Sam finish, Beth--I have this chart in my stash. Need to get it stitched soon :)

Rambling Woods said...

Oh I am not good on house vrs purple finch I'm afraid..but I would be thrilled with any and all of these birds...I don't see quail here.... MIchelle

Maggee said...

Purple Finch... it's a guess... You sure see amazing birds!

Meari said...

I just stitched this. May I ask what buttons you used?