Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Flashback

Design - "She's a Grand Old Flag"
Designer - Heart in Hand
Fabric -  Aida
Fibers - WDW - 2 strands
Stitched - 2010

Today I am showcasing a stitch of my Mother's.  She loves all things red, white and blue!

I've managed to see most of my woodpeckers in the last couple of days.

Here's a little Downy Woodpecker.

The Flickers seem to be in family units lately; a parent and a child most often.

While the Sapsuckers do not come to the feeders, they are active in the trees close by.

And what with their rhythmic tapping and bright red head, they are pretty east to spot.

I was pleased to have a male Hairy Woodpecker at the front feeder.

Hairy Woodpeckers look just like Downy Woodpeckers but are larger with a bigger beak.

The female Hairy Woodpecker prefers the backyard.

So it's wonderful that I decided to set out a peanut feeder there as well.

She works away content with her own company.

Probably after raising a family, a quiet meal is much appreciated!

I love how woodpeckers perch with their body weight down low below their legs and feet.

The feet are precision grasping tools.

The Acorn Woodpeckers are the least visible.  I only see one bird at a time and it is usually a male.  I expect they are in the throws of nesting. 

I expect this feather must belong to one of my woodpeckers.


LDR said...

I continue to enjoy your stitching & birds -- today's woodpeckers are wonderful. Have a happy July 4th holiday!

Maggee said...

Sometimes I think the Downy's I see are really Hairy's!! I look and look at the beak... but... until I have them side by side... I want to see a Pileated up close! And of course, I am hoping to see a Flicker this summer...