Friday, October 31, 2014

Owl-o-een Friday

Here's a Blast from My Stitching Past!
It is even stitching using DMC Flower Thread!  Can you even buy that anymore?

Design - Jack-O-Lantern Sampler
Designer - Curtis Boehringer
Fabric - 32 count raw Belfast linen
Fibers - DMC Flower Threads
Started - 19 August 1997
Completed - 1 September 1997

I dropped by Hiron's the other day to look at their fall displays.



...even more owls...

And all of them pretty darned cute!

Lots of wonderful Halloween displays.

Spooky stuff everywhere.

Oh and more owls in the front left!

Even black and orange trees.

I'm kinda partial to the orange and black spotted cream colored pumpkin.



cucki said...

Happy halloween dear xx

Margaret said...

Love the blast from the past stitch. I don't even know what DMC flower thread is. lol! Love those owls! I have a fondness for owls. Great displays in that store!

Pam in IL said...

Jack-O-Lantern is so cute! I'd love to walk around Hiron's and look at the displays. Happy Halloween!

Andrea said...

He's a very jolly pumpkin! It must take them hours to make up their displays. Such fun though.

Maggee said...

I have a Curtis Boehringer pattern somewhere...It is more like a sampler IU think. So I was wondering... why do we see owls on display in the fall? Aren't they around all year? Maybe because of their fall-ish colorings? Hmmmm....

Melanie said...

No fair posting older patterns that I can't stalk, I mean wish list on 123stitch. ;)
I USED to have flower thread! And DMC linen thread. Enh. They were alright. I had to throw them out because REASONS and it was no big loss.
If I lived anywhere near this store I would constantly broke. OWLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HALLOWEENIES!!!!