Monday, October 27, 2014

Birds of All Sorts

There's time to stitch a few more owls before month's end.
Here's what I have lined up.  With the middle chart I'm thinking of just stitching the owl and the pumpkin.

We've had blustery, stormy weather lately and that has made for poor bird watching.  

Only the true stalwarts like this Sharp-shinned Hawk put up with the poor weather. 

Some of the smaller birds braved the storms too.

Here a Goldfinch and a House Finch dine together.

While the Band-tailed Pigeons and the Lesser Goldfinches have left, the American Goldfinches continue to come to the feeders.

I am seeing more Gold-crowned Sparrows now that it is autumn.

And lots of Scrub Jays.

You cannot imagine just how many sunflower seeds have sprouted in our backyard since we've had some rain.  I'll bet these guys cached hundreds of seeds - and now they've all germinated.

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